Artemis is a popular Boston, MA based multi-genre psychedelic electronic dance music DJ, independent audio-visual technician, welder, juice-slinger, performance artist coordinator, occasional fire-performer, bicycle enthusiast, with experience in stage fabrication and deco. Educated in musical theory, classical violin, and voice, Artemis embodies an unrivaled ability to mix a wide range of musical styles to create mood and atmosphere.

female bodied dj with red hair and purple crop top behind dj decks at a tight crew warehouse rave | PHOTO by Adrian Feliciano at Adrianfeliciano.com
Profile view of female bodied DJ with red hair wearing a black hoodie with red tribal patterns on the sleeve behind decks | PHOTO by Adrian Feliciano at Adrianfeliciano.com


A pure individual, Artemis chooses to affiliate only with challenging projects that value her independence, multiple skills, and quick adaptability. Her hunting grounds in New England include the Boston, Worcester, Hartford, Providence areas; her travels have taken her coast-to-coast, and internationally.


logo for Adelic Records Tokyo Japan suomisaundi psytrance labelLabel DJ

Artemis is the newest addition to Adelic Records, from Tokyo, Japan bringing her love of Suomisaundi's strange psytrance style to Adelic's quirky audio pranksters. Adelic Records is a label from the streets of Shibuya. A Blend of Urban Aesthetics-Dystopian-or from a Bygone Era. Rolling Bass lines, Funk, Finno-Japonic Shenanigans.


DJ – Deco – Fabrication – Costuming – Fire

Members of Connecticut based Awake Productions met Artemis at a psytrance party in Brooklyn, NY and were immediately impressed with her mixing skill and style and asked her to join their team, on the spot. One of her long-standing affiliations, she has gifted Awake a metal art piece she had created, assists with deco, and even modeled Felicia’s special effects air-brush wizardry.

FRACTALTRIBE, Massachusetts

DJ – Deco – Performance Arts Coordinator – Fabrication

Originally brought into Fractaltribe to run a juice-booth, Artemis' role has expanded over the years with her willingness to learn any new skill-set necessary. For 2017, she stepped up to assist a welding project for The Reliquarium and Fractaltribe, and temporarily took on the task of organizing performance artists, for Fractalfest, Fractaltribe’s annual summer psytrance festival experience in Stephentown, NY.


For over a decade Boston's Artemis has spun multiple genres of underground psychedelic electronic music in the United States, and Canada: Suomisaundi, psytrance, psy breaks, dark psytrance, drum and bass, techno, chill out, ambient, forest psy, tech funk and more!

Artemis of the Wildland is often found stalking through digital forests, hunting down captivating tunes with arrow-like precision. As a fawn, Artemis was trained in classical violin and voice, giving her a diverse palate for more modern musical styles. Her journey through the forests of life has given her the chance to run alongside the Fractilian Nation as a core member of Fractaltribe, working on stage fabrication, decoration, music, vending freshly squeezed juices, and more. Through these special projects and her other gigs, Artemis has been able to transcend cultures and reach people from all walks of life.




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